Hand-fans García S.L. It’s a leader company, founded in 1920 by Salvador Garcia Garcia, located in Aldaya (Valencia – Spain).

Abanicos Garcia produce different traditional designs, new fashion models adapted new times and produce too customized hand-fans with your design, name, logo, etc. with serigraphy (screen-printing), litography, laser, digital-printing, hand-painting), etc.

Select your favourite category and find multiple kind of fans, customized fans, accesoires and ribs hand-fans.

What more we bear in mind is the detail and the care that we put in the achievement of our hand-fans. Our objective: Customers satifaction.

If you want to see more models entering our shop and look our models of fans in selling that we have.

· Associations & certifications ·

Member of «AEA» Spanish fans craftsmen. We are a factory, we make all the processes of the fan from the wooden trunk up to the finished end. Member of AAAA , Artcraft Hand-fans Aldaia Asociation.

From the direction of Abanicos Garcia s.l. fan factory we are committed to the improvement and respect of the environment through a firm commitment: to reject any type of production from non-controlled areas. For this reason, since January 2019 we are part of PEFC and FSC® protocol, applying those certificates to our handfans woods. This is a maxim that we include as one of our principles of corporate Quality Policy.

ABANICOS GARCIA S.L. has since 2019 certified FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) in several of its products and is therefore authorized to work, transform and resell FSC hand fans in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) is a global, non-profit organization created in response to the growing problem of deforestation and whose goal is to promote the responsible management of the planet’s forest resources from an environmental, social and economic.

FSC certification is a voluntary compliance standard designed to support internationally responsible forest management, with three types of certificates: Forest Management Certificate, Chain of Custody Certificate and Controlled Wood Certificate.

Chain of Custody certification applies to producers, processors, manufacturers and distributors of FSC certified products. It allows to prove the traceability and legal provenance of the product and use the FSC trademark. This certification verifies that products sold under the FSC label have met the strict FSC standards from the forest to the point of sale.

The certification of the Chain of Custody PEFC also offers us an effective mechanism to demonstrate the compliance with the requirements of the European Union . That is why as a trader buying and selling timber Hand fans company within the EU, our factory is responsible for keeping a track of our suppliers and customers to facilitate the traceability of our products.


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